Thu Oct 20 2022

AI: A Foe Or A Friend?

Soha Rajput
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It's undeniable that when we design something more potent than ourselves, it comes with an ethical obligation, especially in the case of data. As Artificial Intelligence advances, many of the security issues raised are extremely difficult to resolve and could take decades. By definition, a super-intelligent AI will excel at attaining its objectives, whatever they may be.

In a webinar by Remotebase, it was mentioned that Artificial intelligence could resolve practically all the problems that humans encounter. Not talking about the long sweets, but rather treating cancer and educating the globe fantastically as well. Either it's climate change, it's solving the world's poverty with bitcoin, or it's something like the algorithms running behind, right? But we can't deny that when we create something more potent than ourselves, we have a moral obligation to the data.

The Pros Of Artificial Intelligence

1. Reduced Human Error

People can make mistakes, but if the computer is set up right, it won't make the same ones. Since AI decisions are based on gathered data and designed algorithms, they are less likely to be wrong, more accurate, and more precise.

2. Quick Assistance

It's always helpful to find ways to save time by making decisions faster that you feel good about. AI can help you do this. AI works with other technologies to help machines make decisions faster than workers could do on their own. The more decisions AI makes, the more information it has to use when making decisions in the future, which makes the process better.

3. 24/7 Availability

AI never gets tired or needs to sleep, but the human body and mind need rest to keep working at their best. This constant availability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no breaks in coverage, can make a big difference in how productive your business is.

4. Easy Automation

Many jobs still have repetitive tasks and work, which often doesn't use people to their fullest potential. AI can automate tasks that are done over and over again, like making things and answering emails.

The Cons Of Artificial Intelligence

1. Job automation

The fear of losing their jobs to these vastly more intelligent computing machines is the only concern that has remained a constant in the public's consciousness.

2. Biased results

The fact that AI is neutral is one of its benefits. Since it lacks emotions, unlike people, it cannot be influenced by your prejudices. But that is far from reality. The biased algorithm is one of the recently discovered hazards of artificial intelligence.

3. Uncertain world

The criminal use of AI for extortion or purposeful harm to others is yet another risk it poses. The world in which we live is entirely digital. We invest more time in the digital world than we do in the physical one.

4. Inadequate transparency

As humans, we have a tendency to think that computers are superior and that every choice they make is the right one. But typically, humans are left in the dark regarding a machine's driving forces or thought processes.


Everything in excess is dangerous, and Artificial Intelligence is no exception and requires moderation. It is relevant because of the science and engineering involved in building intelligent machines.

The pros and cons of AI depend on the reader and user's perspective. AI and robotics will improve how we think and explore space and the seas. AI was born of necessity, as the expression goes. Humans are getting better at identifying their needs and turning them into reality.

Soon, we'll see rapid change and innovation!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI best at?

AI is best at finding patterns of what is normal and what isn't normal in a very large set of data.

Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat?

Artificial intelligence has two opposing sides. While it undoubtedly makes our lives easier, several risks come with it. AI risks cannot be disregarded.

How to regulate Artificial intelligence?

We need to concentrate on developing comprehensive, specialized AI policies that consider how these technologies are employed in both public and private situations. At Remotebase, we aim to do so.

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