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CTO-Con 2023: What You Need to Know and Why You Should Attend

Ayeza Raza
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The CTO-Con 2023 is a three-day virtual conference hosted by Remotebase, which will host successful engineering leaders from across the globe. In enlightening yet interesting conversations, these guests will share their expertise and answer questions that CTOs, start-up founders, engineering heads, engineering managers or even someone who’s interested in the tech industry would want answered, without going through any hassle.

When is the CTO-Con 2023 taking place?

The virtual conference will start on the 31st of March and continue till the 2nd of April. The timings are: 10:00 am - 02:30 pm (PST) (GMT -8)

Who are the speakers?

Below is a list of the prolific engineering leaders who will be speaking at the CTO-Con 2023:

  • Jay Sen, Director of Engineering at PayPal
  • Harish Parwani, Vice President Platform Engineering at CarGurus
  • Wayne Haber, Director of Engineering at GitLab
  • Mauricio Morales, Founder & CEO at Dailybot
  • Jakob Knutzen, Co-founder & CEO at Butter
  • Vedha Sayyaparaju, Co-founder & CTO at Zuddl
  • Radoslav Stankov, Head of Engineering at Product Hunt
  • Harishankaran K, CTO & Co-founder at HackerRank
  • Hizam Sahibudeen, CTO at NewStore Inc.
  • Anton Pleshivtsev, VP of Engineering at Bravado (bravado.co)
  • Cassandra Wilcox, CTO at Statusphere
  • Mike Fisher, Advisor / former CTO at Etsy
  • Cory Thomas, VP Engineering at Secureframe
  • Ganapathy Krishnan, Vice President/Country Head Artificial Intelligence Center at Flipkart
  • Ruoting Sun, VP of Product at Secureframe
  • Dan Branco, CTO at Benchmark Intelligence Group Inc.
  • Saba El-Hilo, VP Engineering & Data at Unbounce
  • Denis Mandich, CTO at Qrypt
  • Mehrad Yaghmai, Co-founder, CPO at Qureos
  • Jaclyn Rice, CEO at Tribe AI
  • Wale Oyepeju, CTO at Vendease
  • Touseef Liaqat, Founder & CEO at Algolab
  • Mike D. Kail, CTO at PrimaryIO
  • Joshua Ajayi, CTO at Earnipay Inc.
  • Yas Tabasam, CEO at Procure Business Supply
  • Mohammad Muneeb Sultan, ML Senior Manager at Insitro
  • Venki Ayalur, CTO at 6d Bytes (Blendid)
  • Iba Masood, Co-founder & CEO at Tara.AI
  • Karl A L Smith, President of Consulting at Agile World
  • Swish Goshwami, CEO at Surf
  • Talha Masood, Co-founder & CTO at Remotebase

What’s in it for you?

Apart from getting an insight into the minds of the people managing incredible teams and leading revolutionary companies, you will get to see them engage with each other on different topics, ranging from innovation, technology, AI, leadership, growth, development, data and a whole host of other interesting topics that you don’t want to miss out on. What’s more, the CTO-Con 2023 has no registration cost and is absolutely free for anyone who wishes to attend from their offices, homes or wherever they’re most comfortable.

What are the topics being covered each day?

Day 1 will start with a Keynote Speech, addressed by CEO and Co-founder of Remotebase, Qasim Asad Salam, followed by five sessions covering different topics. Below is a list of what you can expect on each day:

31st March, 2023 (Day 1):

  • Welcome Keynote
  1. From Data to Decisions: Maximizing Business Value Through Effective Analytics & Innovation
  2. Innovation Starts with Leadership: How to Create a Vision and Empower Your Team to Succeed
  3. Privacy and Security in the Age of Uncertainty: Protecting Your Business and Customers
  4. From Alignment to Growth: How a Strong CTO-CEO Partnership Can Transform Your Business
  5. From Data to Value: Turning Information into Business Value

1st April, 2023 (Day 2):

  1. Hacking People Growth: Tales from the Trenches
  2. The Future of Business and Technology: How AI is Reshaping the Role of Leaders
  3. Transforming Ideas into Innovation: Strategies for Building a Culture of Growth and Disruption
  4. The Art of Leadership: Empowering Strategies for Success in Today's Business Environment
  5. Leading Through Tough Times: Strategies for Managing Layoffs with Grace and Empathy
  6. Branding Beyond the Code: How to Create a Unique and Compelling Personal Brand in the Competitive Tech Industry

2nd April, 2023 (Day 3):

  1. From Small Teams to Large Scale: Strategies for Scaling Engineering Organizations
  2. From In-Person to Remote: Building to a Successful Distributed Company
  3. The Art of Talent Retention: CTO Strategies for Keeping Top Performers on Board
  4. The Power of a Learning Culture: Tactics for Building High-Performing Teams
  5. From Conflict to Collaboration: Strategies for Effective Conflict Resolution in Technical Teams

How can I register?

You can register for the CTO-Con 2023 by clicking here

See you at the CTO-Con 2023!

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