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How Tech Giants Are Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Tazeen Fatima
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Artificial Intelligence has taken over the tech industry by storm, highlighting the ability of a non-living thing to think similarly to the human mind. This is why the field of AI has attracted many people to get involved and create brilliant programs and machines.

To have a deeper look into how big tech companies are incorporating AI into their work and dominating the tech world with incredibly innovative projects, Remotebase had a session with senior staff of Google, Microsoft, and Citro.

Without further ado, Let’s look at what our guests from renowned tech organizations shared with us.

How AI empowers the most innovative companies in the world - Hear from tech giant’s senior employees!

Muneeb Salim - senior software engineer at Google

At Google, there are many teams working on research and product types who work on various things, including large language models with new computer vision architectures as well as speech translation. And currently, I'm in the area 120 division, an internal incubator within Google. We are more focused on building new products with existing AI technologies. So our work is not limited to research, we also build some impact for products using existing tech.

Muneeb Sultan - ML senior manager at Citro

We're trying to build out a machine learning-enabled drug discovery company where the idea is that modern biology is capable of generating vast amounts of data, and we're trying to build predictive insights into it by combining various computational and algorithmic techniques layered on top of these data sets.

In the past couple of years, I've worked on using convolution networks to get insights into our microscope imaging data sets, using graph neural networks to get insights into molecular discovery, and building out recommended systems so that you can cut through vast swaths of chemical space. The idea is to design drugs that are efficacious, safe, and have all the right molecular properties that we care about and do it faster than it would have to build one item at a time in some ways in the lab.

Samia Khalid - Senior Applied Scientist at Microsoft

I currently work at Microsoft in Office 365. We have tons of enterprise data. My team works on natural language understanding, trying to create graphs and understanding all the richness that's there and to power experiences like vibrant topics and extracting definitions and the richer data that's there to help users understand what's going on to grasp the documents a lot on the natural language understanding part. I’ve also worked with feed recommendations. So that's very interesting since we are bombarded with feeds, whether it's Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. We're also trying to use AI to understand the maintenance schedule of trucks and when they would sell.

But in general, I would say what I find the most inspiring is just the field in itself. It's so fascinating because you think you have all this data, and now all of a sudden, you can do so many things, whether it's for disease or drug discoveries. When I was a kid, I still remember having that dictionary to translate from one language to another. You would go like one word, find the next word and the next, and then compose the sentence out of it in the other language. And now instantaneously, you can translate to whichever language around the world you want and then also image recognition and so many amazing applications, and it can solve real problems.

Looks like we are about to see some great AI-driven work in the future!

It was an extensively informative session, and you can watch the recorded session by clicking this link. We were amazed to see how these great companies are so involved in taking artificial intelligence to the next level by exploring its maximum potential to produce amazing products that could make life so much easier and solve so many problems that are beyond human capacities.

We found a similarity between these companies and Remotebase. Just like how these companies are making life easier with AI and technology, Remotebase is simplifying the tech hiring process, making it much more time and cost-effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is AI needed?

AI makes every process better, faster, and more accurate. It is being used extensively across a range of applications today, e.g. recommendation algorithms that suggest what you might like next, chatbots, weather forecasts, and smart speakers (e.g., Alexa or Siri) are some of the most popular uses of AI. It is also being used to play games, operate autonomous vehicles, process language, and so much more.

What are the top 6 technologies of AI?

Six top AI technologies are: Machine learning Deep learning Natural language processing Neural network Cognitive computing Computer vision

How Will AI be used in the future?

AI is likely to replace repetitive tasks like separating materials, responding to repetitive customer queries, packing goods, etc. Even today, some of these functions are still done by humans, and AI will take over these tasks in the future.

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