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Match with Expert Talent on Talently: The Future of Tech Recruitment

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With the advent of new digital platforms aiming to connect employers with job seekers in an efficient and streamlined manner, the world of talent recruitment has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. As a result, the need for a specialized recruitment app has become increasingly important in the tech industry, where the demand for top talent is exceptionally high. That's where Talently comes in.

Talently is a unique recruitment app by Remotebase that aims to revolutionize how tech companies find and hire new talent. With its innovative algorithms and cutting-edge features, Talently provides a seamless and efficient solution for employers as well as job seekers in the tech industry.

According to a study, 41% of recruiters said that assessing candidates during the interview was their main challenge in 2021, indicating that it’s far more challenging to hire for a tech role because you have to evaluate technical skills requiring a similar field background. But, with Talently, recruiters no longer have to go through the hassle.

Moreover, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for IT pros will not decrease anytime soon. In fact, the BLS forecasts a 12% increase in demand over the next decade, with over one-million technology positions going unfilled. So, there had to be a platform that brings in IT experts on one platform surpassing geographical limitations. Therefore, Talently aims to bridge the gap between IT talent and recruiters. Consequently, no more position goes astray, and recruiters find the right candidate.

Whether you're a company looking for your next top developer or a tech professional seeking your next career move, Talently is here to help find your perfect match.

What are talent recruiting apps?

Recruiting top talent is a challenging task in today's job market. Talent recruitment apps are digital platforms designed to help organizations streamline their recruitment process. They use technology to automate many of the manual tasks involved in hiring, such as candidate sourcing, resume screening, and scheduling interviews. 

According to a survey by Glassdoor, 70% of job seekers have used a mobile device to search for jobs and approximately 50% of job applications are made through a mobile device. This highlights the growing trend of job seekers using technology to find employment opportunities.

The use of talent recruiting software is on the rise, with companies of all sizes adopting these platforms to simplify their recruiting process. In fact, according to a study by Recruiting Daily, the use of recruitment apps increased by 33% in 2020, due in part to the increased demand for remote hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Talent recruitment apps not only save organizations their time and effort but also lead to better candidate experiences and improved hiring outcomes. In addition, companies using recruitment apps report faster time-to-hire, lower costs per hire, and higher candidate satisfaction compared to traditional recruitment methods.

Here are some critical recruitment statistics to consider

  • 61% of recruiters prefer video interviews to take over as the norm – Onrec

  • By 2025, almost 22% of the US workforce will work remotely – Upwork

  • A typical hiring process takes 36 daysSHRM

  • 99% of Fortune 500 companies and 75% of the 760 US employers Harvard surveyed use recruitment software – Harvard Business School

  • 89% of job seekers think that their mobile devices are essential for job searching, and 45% use them at least once a day – Glassdoor

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Benefits of using talent recruiting apps

Benefits of using talent recruiting apps.jpg

  • Task automation: Talent recruitment apps automate many of the manual tasks involved in the recruitment process, such as resume screening, candidate sourcing and scheduling interviews, freeing up recruiters' time to focus on more strategic and value-adding tasks.

  • Accurate matching: Advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques in talent recruitment apps allow for highly relevant and accurate matches between job openings and candidate profiles. This results in a better candidate experience and improved hiring outcomes.

  • Improved candidate experience: Talent recruitment apps provide a seamless and user-friendly interface for candidates to apply for jobs, track their application status and communicate with recruiters. This helps to improve the candidate experience, making it easier for companies to attract top tech talent and build their brand as an employer of choice.

  • Real-time insights and analytics: Talent recruitment apps provide real-time insights and analytics on the recruitment process, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions and track their progress. This helps companies identify improvement areas and optimize their recruitment strategy over time.

  • Cost savings: By automating manual tasks, reducing the time-to-hire, and improving candidate experience, talent recruitment apps can help companies save time, effort, and money compared to traditional recruitment methods.

  • Access to a vast database of tech talent: Talent recruitment apps often have a large database of tech talent, making it easier for companies to find the right candidate for their specific needs. This helps to reduce the time and effort required to find and attract top tech talent.

Overall, talent recruitment apps offer numerous benefits to companies looking to find the right tech talent. By streamlining the recruitment process, improving the candidate experience and providing real-time insights and analytics, these platforms help companies save time and effort while also improving their chances of finding the right fit for their organization.

Breaking the mold: why Talently is a cut above the rest

Talently is a one-of-a-kind platform for hiring developers and engineers designed to make the hiring process as efficient and stress-free as possible. It is a highly strategic platform that has been carefully crafted with intelligent algorithms to help you find the best fit for your company's needs. It uses a unique and comprehensive system to evaluate the skills and experience of each candidate, ensuring that only the most qualified professionals are included in their network. 

Apart from offering all the benefits of recruiting application mentioned above, Talently goes beyond them and offers unique benefits to its users, which includes the following:

Advantages of Talently for employers.jpg

1000+ pre-vetted engineers

Finding suitable candidates requires a thorough vetting process which takes the most time during the hiring process. It is also when most of the candidates drop themselves out as a lengthy recruitment process causes them to lose interest in the job and pursue other options. According to CareerBuilder, 60% of job seekers quit in the middle of filling out online job applications because of their length or complexity.

This is where Talently comes into play! With a network of thousands of rigorously vetted remote developers, Talently instantly matches and connects you with the ones that perfectly match your requirements to accelerate your hiring process and save up to 90% of your hiring time.

100+ programming skills

Talently has an extensive talent network of global developers with extraordinary coding skills in more than hundred programming languages, including Python, React, C#, JavaScript, Java, and many more.

Extensive profiles with test scores and interview feedback

Explore detailed profiles of deeply vetted developers which contain not only their resumes, and other relevant information but also their test scores and interview feedback by industry experts. You can see how the candidates performed in each hiring stage and find the ones relevant to your needs.

Recorded video interviews

One of the standout features of Talently is the recorded interviews of developers. This allows hiring managers and recruiters to get an in-depth look into the candidate's technical skills and work experience, helping them make informed hiring decisions.

Instant chat with developers

The built-in messaging system in Talently allows easy and efficient communication between job seekers and employers, reducing the need for lengthy phone calls or email chains.

Highly affordable

In an industry where traditional recruitment agencies can be expensive and time-consuming, Talently offers a cost-effective solution that saves both time and money. The cost of hiring engineers can add up quickly for employers, from advertising job openings to conducting interviews and assessments. Talently eliminates these costs by providing a platform for companies to easily find and connect with top talent.

Affordable rates of Talently.png

#2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

#2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt.png

How does Talently vet remote developers?

Each developer on Talently goes through a comprehensive and rigorous vetting process to ensure that they meet the highest standards of quality and expertise. The process begins with multiple computerized assessments, which are carefully curated by experts in the field. These assessments are designed to eliminate any potential biases and accurately evaluate the developer's technical skills and aptitudes.

In addition to the assessments, developers also undergo interviews with industry experts from Silicon Valley. These interviews are conducted by experienced professionals who deeply understand the tech industry and can assess the developer's experience, communication skills, and overall fit for the job.

By combining the results of the assessments and interviews, Talently ensures that each developer on its platform has the skills and expertise required to meet the needs of companies looking for top talent.

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Talently is also the ultimate platform for engineering job seekers

Apart from being one of the most amazing apps for recruiters, Talently is also one of the best job apps for software engineers and developers to find their ideal remote job and work for anyone in the world from the comfort of their home.

Advantages of Talently for job seekers.jpg

Global hiring opportunities

You can easily spend hours searching job postings, only to read the “fine print” and realize there are location dependencies. That's where Talently can help. It only curates remote jobs, so you can be sure you aren't wasting your time. We have a vast database of job opportunities, allowing developers to easily search and discover new job openings that match their skills and preferences.

Direct interaction with recruiters

Talently fast-tracks the job search process by allowing all job applicants to interact with job recruiters directly and hiring managers and learn more about the job role, responsibilities, and company culture. This is all the valuable information you cannot get access to when you read company reviews or visit the website or social media platforms to make an informed decision about whether or not the company suits you and your working style.

No need to fill up repetitive information

Another thing that makes Talently one of the best job search apps is that it saves you from the exhaustive and repetitive job application process. You no longer need to upload your resume repeatedly while filling up the same information in the application forms thousands of times. The best part is that you only have to give interviews and technical assessments once and get unlimited job opportunities with them.

Cost savings

The cost of searching for a new job is a significant burden for job seekers. Everything from preparing a resume to commuting to interviews and assessments adds up to their expenses for a job they might not even get. Talently offers a free platform for job seekers to create a free profile, attempt assessment and interviews and get their dream remote job from the comfort of their home, eliminating these costs and making the job search process easier and more accessible.

Seamless application process

Applying for a job using Talently is simple and straightforward. The platform's user-friendly interface and streamlined job search process make it easy for job seekers to find and apply for job opportunities that match their skills and preferences. With just a few clicks, job seekers can submit their applications, upload their resumes, submit assessments and interviews, and provide additional information.

The platform's intuitive design and intuitive navigation make it easy for job seekers to find and apply for job opportunities, even if they are new to using job boards and employment apps.

How to access Talently?

1. Talently Website

Talently has a fantastic website that is easy to use and provides a wealth of information for anyone looking to hire developers. The site is well-designed, making it easy to navigate and find what you're looking for.

Talently website (1).png

2. Talently Android App

The Talently Android app is equally impressive, providing a convenient way to access the platform's resources and features while on the go. Whether you're looking to review developer profiles, contact candidates, or view recorded interviews, the Talently Android app is one of the most excellent recruiting tools to have at your fingertips to hire qualified candidates and ease up your hiring tasks, doing much more than a simple applicant tracking system or any other software tool. The app is well-designed and easy to use, making it an excellent resource for busy recruiters and hiring managers.

Talently Android app.png

3. Talently iOS App

Talently is available to download on both iOS and Android devices. It is just as fantastic, providing all of the same great features as the Android app in a user-friendly format optimized for Apple devices. It is well-designed, user-friendly, and provides a wealth of information and resources to help you find and hire the best engineers and developers for your team.

Talently iOS App.png

Steps to find your ideal tech match with Talently:

1. Create an account

Hiring a developer is easier than ever. Start by signing up and setting up your account.

2. Configure your talent requirements

Add your developer requirements, such as their skills and experience level.

3. Browse through

Explore our exclusive talent network of pre-vetted remote developers.

4. Search and connect

Connect with your preferred developer profile to learn more about them.

5. Explore and hire

Explore and hire your ideal remote developer right from your device.

6. Enjoy the engagement

Enjoy the incredible experience of engaging and interacting with your chosen tech talent.


Talently is a one-stop shop for all your tech talent recruitment needs. Its innovative algorithms and cutting-edge features make it the perfect solution for both employers and job seekers in the tech industry.

With its efficient vetting process, companies can easily search for top talent, match with the right candidate and hire confidently. Job seekers can rest assured that they will have access to a wealth of job opportunities that are a good fit for their skills and preferences.

Whether you're looking to take your career to the next level or find your next top developer, Talently has everything you need to succeed.

So why wait? Search, match and hire with Talently today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a talent recruitment app work?

A talent recruitment app is a digital platform that connects employers of both big and small businesses with job seekers, helping companies find and reach candidates that fit perfectly for their job openings.

Why use a talent recruitment app?

There are several reasons to use a talent recruitment app: convenience, efficiency, access to a large pool of candidates, handy candidate information, real-time updates, and easy communication.

What are the benefits of using Talently for talent recruitment?

Some benefits of using Talently for talent recruitment include its efficient vetting process, access to a pool of top tech talent, test score visibility and easy communication.

How does Talently ensure the quality of its developers?

Talently ensures the quality of its developers by conducting multiple interviews and computerized assessments curated by experts. This process eliminates potential biases and accurately evaluates the developer's technical skills and aptitudes.

How does Talently benefit job seekers?

Job apps such as Talently benefit job seekers by providing access to international and local jobs that are a good fit for their skills and preferences, as well as real-time updates on application status and easy communication with employers.

How does Talently benefit employers?

Talently is one of the best recruiting apps. It benefits employers by providing access to a pool of top tech talent, streamlining the hiring process, and ensuring that each candidate has the necessary skills and expertise for the job.

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