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Tech Check Your All-in-One AI Interviewer

Ayeza Raza
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If you’ve been a professional long enough, then you’ve experienced the grueling process of finding the right candidate for a job. The process can take weeks, even months; and even so, there’s no guarantee that the person you’ve found is the right fit. is here to solve all of those woes. A remarkable AI interview tool that has transformed the way we approach talent acquisition, its greatest feature is the ability to conduct live AI-based interviews and coding assessments for a wide range of job roles.

What Is It? is your all-in-one AI interviewer for all types of roles. It is an AI-powered interview platform designed to streamline the recruitment process by conducting live, conversational interviews and providing real-time evaluations to help identify top-performing candidates effortlessly. utilizes advanced AI technology to engage candidates in live, conversational interviews. For technical roles, it also facilitates live coding sessions to accurately assess candidates' technical skills.

What Does It Do? will conduct the whole interview process from start to finish! All you have to do is enter the title of the job you’re trying to fill, add a job description, along with other details, such as interview type, and how long you want the interview to be. For technical roles, you also have the option of adding problem solving coding questions. You can also choose from sample questions you want to ask or add your own. After you’ve published the role, you’ll get a link to share with the candidates.

Once the candidates have the link to their scheduled interview, let Talently do its magic! With human-like interaction, Talently will conduct real-time evaluations and give you an objective assessment along with the percentage of scores, and allow you to pick the best candidate! It’s as simple as that! No more poring over lengthy screening process or high turnovers.

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What’s the Interface Like?

The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible for everyone involved in the hiring process. The customization options allow us to tailor the interviews and assessments to our specific needs, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

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What are the Pros?

Efficiency: can significantly speed up the hiring process by automating tasks such as interview scheduling and candidate evaluation. This can save HR teams a considerable amount of time.

Cost-Effective: Automating parts of the hiring process can lead to cost savings in the long run, as it reduces the need for extensive manual labor and resources.

Consistency: applies the same criteria to evaluate candidates, reducing potential biases in the hiring process.

Scalability: Talently has the capacity to handle a large number of candidates simultaneously, making it easier to scale your hiring efforts up or down as needed.

Improved Candidate Experience: ensures that candidates are not kept waiting and their time and effort are respected, contributing to an improved interview experience. It also leaves a positive impression on them by showcasing the company's forward-thinking approach of embracing AI technology for an efficient and fair hiring process.

Customization: Talently allows for customization of the interview and assessment process to match the specific needs of your organization and the roles you're hiring for.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: generates data and insights that can be used to make data-driven hiring decisions, potentially leading to better hires.

Reduction in Unqualified Applicants: helps to screen out unqualified applicants early in the process, allowing HR teams to focus their time on the most promising candidates.

Real-time Insights: Talently provides real-time insights and analytics during interviews, helping you make informed decisions.

Remote Hiring: makes it easier to conduct interviews and assessments remotely, which has become especially important in a world where remote work is increasingly common.

What are the Cons?

High Initial Learning Curve: HR teams and hiring managers may need time to learn how to use the AI platform effectively, potentially slowing down the hiring process initially.

Dependency on Technology: There are many debates about overreliance on AI and how it can be risky. Some might feel that human judgment and intuition still play a crucial role in making the final hiring decisions.

Value for Money?

You can try free for two weeks before you decide to take the plunge. Learn more about the free trial and the pricing here.

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What Our Expert Developer Has to Say: is a game-changer for any hiring process. The algorithm quality is impressive, consistently delivering accurate and reliable evaluations. Customization options allow us to tailor assessments to our unique job roles, enhancing the relevance of our interviews. Scalability ensures it can grow with a company's hiring needs. Performance metrics and analytics offer valuable insights, while the user-friendly interface simplifies onboarding. With excellent technical support and well-documented APIs, this tool has proven its worth. The cost-value proposition is highly favorable, and its incorporation of emerging technologies like natural language processing positions it as an essential asset in a company’s hiring arsenal, streamlining its processes and enhancing decision-making.

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Who Would Love this Product?

There are some things even magic can’t do – like finding the right candidate for a job. Who would know better than Albus Dumbledore, who had to keep changing the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor every year at Hogwarts. But what magic can’t do, can! If only Dumbledore could make use of it, the course of the wizarding world history would be very different!

AI interview tool

The Tech Check Verdict: is essential for modern hiring because it significantly enhances efficiency, ensures fair and unbiased assessments, offers customizable solutions for diverse roles, and empowers data-driven decision-making, ultimately leading to better, more informed hiring choices and streamlined processes. Get now!

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