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The 2-Week No-Risk Trial: A Unique Offering from Remotebase

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When it comes to hiring talent in the fast-paced and fiercely competitive tech industry, finding the right fit for your company can be an uphill battle.

This is where Remotebase emerges as a game-changer, revolutionizing the tech hiring process with its distinctive offering: the 2-week no-risk trial.

This article will explore the power of Remotebase's trial period and how it empowers global companies to hire remote developers confidently.

We will explore the numerous benefits and features of Remotebase's trial, shedding light on why it has rapidly become the preferred choice for organizations worldwide.

Trust: A Crucial Factor in Outstaffing

Trust is a crucial factor that can hinder companies from using alternative hiring methods to extend their teams' expertise, like out-staffing or outsourcing.

Building trust becomes even more challenging for companies with no prior experience in out-staffing, as the initial risk may seem insurmountable. When we reach out to these companies, we often encounter various objections or concerns.

Over time, we have experimented with different approaches to convince potential customers to make the right decision, and it was during this process that the trial period emerged as a game-changer.

It wasn't just about finding good prospects or ensuring a smooth sales process; it was about that unique ingredient that triggers a mental shift—a click in one's mind. And by click, we mean the decision to try. To try and stay.

How Does the Trial Period Work?

The trial period offers our customers a sense of security and a taste of what it's like to work with our team. It provides them with the comfort of experiencing collaboration and making an informed decision.

While the term "risk-free" implies that there is no risk involved, it's important to acknowledge that the entire risk lies with us. However, this approach sets us apart from the competition when it comes to securing long-term contracts.

Just as you wouldn't purchase a pair of shoes without trying them on first, we believe our partners should have the opportunity to sample our services before making a decision.

The trial period may sound straightforward, but the devil is always in the details. When we encountered our first potential customer who genuinely wanted to give it a try, we took the time to precisely define the terms.

Here's what we developed to ensure both our partner and team felt comfortable with this service:

  • The trial period lasts for two weeks.

  • It encompasses real product development, covering two complete weekly development cycles, including defining requirements, development, testing, and delivery of completed features in a demo environment. This approach allows the partners to assess our performance and the quality of our work realistically.

  • We begin with a brief workshop to determine the scope to be delivered during this period.

  • If the trial period is successful and our partner is happy with the performance, Remotebase developers become a part of our partner's development team.

  • Remotebase offers the flexibility to replace the engineer and restart the trial if our partner requests it.

The workshop should conclude with enough user stories to cover at least the two-week trial period. Its purpose is to ensure a seamless transition from the trial period to a regular, continuous development process, eliminating the need to waste time restarting the process or rewriting the backlog.

The trial period consists of two complete software development cycles to provide our partners with an authentic experience of working with us.

By "complete," we mean an encompassing plan, a continuous integration and delivery pipeline, a demo environment, UX design, and the development of a small yet fully functional software component. This component can be proudly showcased to our partners during the demo meeting.

What Are Our Goals with the Risk-Free Trial Period?

  • We aim to demonstrate the quality of Remotebase engineers and their technical expertise.

  • During this trial period, you can collaborate with your hand-picked team of remote developers for a full two weeks without paying any upfront charges.

  • We want our partners to understand our process, attitude, and work ethic.

  • We seek to invest in our relationship and gain the trust that will enable us to work more efficiently in the future.

  • We embrace taking risks with confidence, knowing that our partners will be eager to continue working with us even after the trial period.

  • Most importantly, we want to provide our customers with the comfort of knowing exactly what they are getting and how much they stand to benefit from our collaboration.

  • Remotebase believes that actions speak louder than words, and we want you to experience firsthand the caliber and dedication of their developers.

  • This trial period allows you to evaluate the team's technical skills, communication abilities, and cultural fit within your organization. It's a risk-free opportunity to assess their productivity, efficiency, and overall contribution to your projects.

  • Remotebase's commitment to transparency and trust is exemplified by this trial, putting your satisfaction at the forefront of the hiring process.

This distinction often makes the difference between receiving a response of "not interested, we're all good" and hearing the words, "Okay, let's try."

Accelerating Hiring Process

What’s more? With Remotebase, the agonizingly slow hiring process becomes a thing of the past.

Through meticulous evaluation, Remotebase identifies and filters the top 1% of developer talent, ensuring you access highly skilled professionals from the get-go.

By pre-vetting these developers, Remotebase eliminates the need for time-consuming interviews and extensive screening, saving you valuable time and resources.

Role-Specific Expertise

Remotebase boasts an impressive track record of excellence in remote hiring. When you partner with Remotebase, you gain access to a vast network of developers with role-specific expertise.

Whether you're seeking backend engineers, front-end developers, mobile app specialists, or experts in emerging technologies, Remotebase will match your company with developers with extensive experience directly relevant to your desired role.

This targeted approach ensures a seamless fit between the developers and your team's unique requirements.

Unleashing Top Talent Quality

Exceptional coding skills alone are insufficient to thrive in today's collaborative work environment. Remotebase understands this, and that's why our developers are not only extraordinary coders but also possess brilliant soft skills.

This unique combination enables us to seamlessly integrate into your team, fostering effective communication and collaboration.

With Remotebase benefits, you get more than just technical expertise; you acquire a team member who can holistically contribute to your company's success.

Seamless Onboarding and Payment Process

We understand that efficiency and ease are essential factors in successful collaboration. That's why we have streamlined the onboarding and payment processes.

Once you decide to move forward after the trial, we ensure a smooth transition, facilitating hassle-free onboarding for your new remote team. This straightforward payment system provides that you pay only for the services rendered, minimizing administrative complexities.

Hire senior pre-vetted remote developers with strong technical and communication skills at unbeatable prices, ready to work in your timezone.

Bottom Line

Take advantage of Remotebase's unique offering and experience the power of remote work solutions firsthand.

Whether you need support for a specific project, a dedicated engineering team, or ongoing IT services, Remotebase is the partner you can trust to help you achieve your goals. With our commitment to delivering results and focusing on our partners’ satisfaction, we can help you stay ahead of the curve and succeed in today's fast-paced digital world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I'm unsatisfied with the developer's performance during the trial?

Remotebase understands the importance of finding the right fit for your company. If you are not impressed with the developer's performance during the trial period, you pay nothing. Remotebase will work with you to identify the reasons for the mismatch and find better-suited software engineers who match your needs more accurately. The goal is to ensure that you have the ideal team of remote developers for your company's success.

What happens after the trial period ends?

After the trial period, if you're satisfied with the developer's performance, you can continue working with them by paying for the work completed. If not, you have no obligation to continue, and no payment is required.

Can I request specific skills or expertise for the developers during the trial?

Absolutely! Remotebase aims to match your requirements. You can communicate your desired skills and expertise during the onboarding process, ensuring the developers assigned to your trial align with your needs.

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