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Top 10 Technical Interview Questions Hiring Managers Ask

Soha Rajput
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Are you clueless about the technical interview questions you need to ask to hire the right developer? It's okay because we are going to simplify it for you by sharing the ten most important questions that will help you evaluate the candidate effectively.

Here are the top 10 questions that are frequently asked by the technical hiring managers

1. How do you handle stress?

This question helps you evaluate the candidate's conflict-resolution skills. Since some job conditions can be troublesome, candidates should be able to compromise and cooperate.

2. What are some qualities that you look for in your supervisor?

This question helps interviewers determine a candidate's management and leadership approach. It helps assess self-awareness and job engagement. Hiring managers can use this question to determine if the company's leadership style matches candidate expectations. This is necessary since a company's leadership drives employees to do their tasks well. Therefore, a mismatch should be avoided.

3. What are some exciting challenges that you made through?

This question calms anxious/nervous candidates. The candidate controls what they say and share when asked about their condition, making them more comfortable.

4. What do you think your last coworkers would say about you?

It makes the candidate think like the people they work with, which can give interesting information about how the candidate perceives themselves and their work.

5. What makes you wake up every day?

Interviewers often ask this. This shows how the candidate's passion matches their career path and ambitions. Since startup teams expand quickly, this question helps determine if the candidate can handle a fast-paced setting.

6. What does your dream job look like?

Even though there is no right answer, this question is more about how honest a candidate is. It shows a lot about the candidate, even more than their resume and long-term goals. After all, if a candidate isn't even interested in discussing their dream job, how interested can they be in the job they're interviewing for?

7. How do you make sure you finish a new project well?

This question is meant to determine how a candidate can start and finish a task while getting other people involved.

8. Could you describe a moment in which you failed?

Various firms' hiring managers may choose to begin with this question. This can be shocking, but it helps interviewers evaluate how an applicant overcame earlier failures and how confident they are in admitting their failure.

9. When and why did you begin programming?

It's one of the most common technical interview questions. Instead of evaluating a candidate's skill level, this question seeks to determine their enthusiasm when recalling a significant milestone in their career.

10. Have we forgotten to ask something about you that you would like to add?

These questions aid technical recruiters in understanding and evaluating prospects on a deeper level beyond their technical talents. By preparing for them, you can increase your confidence and reduce some of your anxiety before the interview. Remember that these questions assess your life skills and adaptability to professional circumstances.


It's not enough to only look at a candidate's resume while hiring for an IT position. In addition to technical interview questions, you should evaluate other qualities like initiative and teamwork, as well as their familiarity with your company's product or service as a whole. Carefully constructing a list of interview questions to put to your top prospects for technical roles will provide you with the information you need to make an informed hiring choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are technical recruiters and hiring managers the same?

The main job of a hiring manager, no matter if they work in finance, customer service, sales, IT, or human resources, is to use his or her own area of expertise to help the company. On the other hand, recruiters spend their days looking for, attracting, and hiring great people.

2. Is the interview with the hiring manager technical?

During an interview with a hiring manager, you will be asked about your skills, past experience, qualifications, ability to work in a team, and how well you can work under pressure.

3. What makes a good technical recruiter?

You'll need to improve your communication, decision-making, detail-orientation, presentation, and negotiation skills. Tech employees get spammed the most by recruiters.

4. How do hiring managers handle responses to questions that may not directly relate to technical skills, such as those focusing on personal qualities or past experiences?

Hiring managers typically handle responses to questions focusing on personal qualities or past experiences by carefully evaluating the candidate's ability to articulate relevant experiences and qualities that align with the company's values and culture. They may probe further to understand how these personal qualities contribute to the candidate's overall suitability for the role, even if they are not directly related to technical skills. Additionally, hiring managers may use these responses to assess the candidate's communication skills, self-awareness, and ability to adapt to different situations.

5. What mistakes should hiring managers avoid when using these questions in technical interviews?

Common mistakes that hiring managers should avoid when using these questions in technical interviews include relying solely on technical proficiency without considering soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. Another mistake is failing to provide a comfortable environment for candidates to express themselves, which can hinder their ability to showcase their true capabilities. Hiring managers should incorporate a balanced mix of technical and non-technical questions, create a welcoming atmosphere during the interview, and actively listen to candidates' responses to gain a comprehensive understanding of their fit for the role.

6. How do hiring managers adapt these questions to fit the specific needs and culture of their company?

Hiring managers adapt these questions to fit the specific needs and culture of their company by contextualizing them within the framework of the organization's values, goals, and work environment. They may tailor the questions to address particular challenges or requirements of the role, ensuring that candidates' responses provide insights into how they would contribute to the company's success. Additionally, hiring managers may adjust the tone and focus of the questions to align with the company's culture, whether it values innovation, collaboration, or other key principles.

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