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Insights from Top Professionals at the AI4HR Summit

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AI4HR is a four-hour insightful and illuminating summit hosted by Remotebase, with a panel of prolific CEOs and leaders in the field of Human Resources. Signup for the virtual summit and hear experts discuss how AI is transforming talent acquisition, management and assessment through predictive analytics, personalized learning and skills-based hiring.

When is the AI4HR summit taking place?

The virtual summit is all set to take place on Wednesday, the 5th of July 2023, at 11 AM GMT + 5 / 11 AM Pacific Standard Time.

Who are the speakers?

Pavania Naidu, Senior Total Rewards Specialist at Remote

Anita Chandrasekhar, Global Talent Strategy and Operations Manager at Zapier

Miranda Watkins, Head of Employment Law at ClickUp

Samuel Dahan, Law Professor, Chief of Policy at Deel

Max Kolysh, CEO at Dover

Abash Kumar, VP Marketing at Springworks

Chuka Ikokwu, CEO at

Khyati Sundaram, CEO at Applied

Nadia Vatalidis, Head of People & Culture at TestGorilla

Gerry Crispin, Founder at CareerXroads

Johannes Sundlo, Senior HR Manager at Avalanche Studios Group

Leví Barbosa, Talent Operations at Nubank

Bradford Wilkins, Senior Partner, Talent & Performance at Braven

Johnny Campbell, CEO at SocialTalent

Tracie Sponenberg, Chief People Officer at The Granite Group

Burak, VP People and Internal Comms at Telia

Dieter Veldsman, Chief Scientist: HR & OD at The Academy to Innovate HR

William Tincup, President, Editor-at-Large at Recruiting Daily

Kate Malchyk, Sourcing Recruiter at Figma

What’s in it for you?

Register for AI4HR to get insights into the minds of leaders who will explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the HR industry while showcasing the most innovative solutions and futuristic possibilities of AI in Human Resources. By the end of the enlightening summit, you will have the answer to the most pertinent question on every professional’s mind: will AI take away your job or make you more efficient? A must-attend event for anyone who seeks to keep growing in their job, is working in the field of HR or is simply interested in the giant leaps AI is making in transforming the world. The AI4HR summit is free to attend for everyone from every part of the world.

Why you should attend?

The AI4HR Virtual Summit is an extraordinary gathering of HR professionals, CEOs, and industry leaders who will converge to explore and discuss the profound impact of Artificial Intelligence on the field of Human Resources. This transformative event promises an in-depth exploration of how AI is revolutionizing HR practices and shaping the future of work.

During the summit, participants can expect a dynamic exchange of ideas, insights and best practices from top-tier HR professionals, CEOs and visionaries. With a specific focus on AI's role in HR, attendees will gain valuable knowledge about cutting-edge technologies, emerging trends and innovative strategies that drive organizational success.

The AI4HR virtual summit offers a unique platform for participants to discover the limitless potential of AI on Human Resources. From talent acquisition and employee engagement to performance management and workforce analytics, every aspect of the HR landscape will be examined through the lens of AI-driven solutions.

Renowned CEOs and leaders in the field of HR will share their experiences and perspectives on how AI has transformed their organizations, enabling them to make data-driven decisions, enhance productivity, and unleash the full potential of their workforce. By learning from these industry leaders, you will gain valuable insights into the practical applications of AI and how it can drive positive change within your own organizations.

The AI4HR event will also serve as a networking hub, connecting HR professionals with like-minded individuals and fostering valuable connections within the industry. You can leverage this platform to exchange ideas, share experiences and build relationships that extend beyond the summit.

The AI4HR summit is a game-changing event that empowers HR professionals and CEOs to navigate the evolving landscape of AI in HR. Through insightful discussions, practical case studies and interactive sessions, you will gain the knowledge and inspiration needed to harness AI's transformative power, drive organizational success, and create workplaces of the future.

Join the AI4HR summit and embark on a journey towards embracing AI's profound impact on HR!

What are the topics being covered?

Below is a list of topics that each session will focus on:

Transforming Talent Acquisition with AI-Driven Innovations

Elevating Candidates' Experience to New Heights

Strategizing Team Wellness

Leveraging Advanced AI for Optimizing Work-Life Balance

Unleashing the Potential of AI-Driven Predictive Analytics for Talent Assessment

Empowering Smarter Hiring Decisions

Harnessing the Power of Advanced AI Tools for Team Success

Optimizing Teamwork and Collaboration in the Digital Era

Unleashing the Power of AI to Mitigate Bias in HR Processes

Advancements in DEI Initiatives

Revolutionizing Company Culture with AI

Enhancing Employee Retention and Organizational Success

Transforming Performance Management with AI-Driven Talent Intelligence & Analytics

Unleashing the Power of Data for HR Excellence

How can I register?

You can register for AI4HR by clicking here.

See you at the AI4HR!

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