Job Description

Draft customized job descriptions with Artificial Intelligence that lands you the right candidate for the job you’re hiring. All you need to do is use the right keywords, tone, and word count while our job description generator crafts an engaging job description that perfectly matches with the right candidate for a top-notch tech match!

Job Description

Our Job Description Grader is a talent acquisition tool that does an analysis of your job description and generates a personalized report in order to assist you in overcoming challenges associated with recruiting and in attracting the most qualified applicants.


It helps in the technical hiring process as it covers all the aspects to find the right candidate that fits the role of the job you’re hiring for. It doesn’t only land you qualified candidates but saves your time and money. Over 40% technical recruiters use job description generator and grader for efficient hiring of vetted professionals.

If every part of a job description is good, it will get an A. The job description will lose a letter grade for each part that doesn't pass. For example, a job description will get a C if it doesn't pass the Sentiment test and there are signs of possible gender bias.

First, figure out which part(s) didn't pass. If either the Sentiment or Word Count part of a job description did not pass, change the job description so that either the Sentiment or Word Count is between 20% and 80%. A standard set of jobs is used to figure out these ranges.

A misleading job description can make it more likely that a certain race or gender will be chosen when screening applicants. Think about the process of figuring out if an applicant's skills and experience match the job description. If a certain gender or race has a lot more of the skills and experiences that are being asked for, this can give a subpopulation an unintended advantage or disadvantage when screening resumes.

Using the right words to write a great job description is an art. Science can help you figure out how many of these great words to choose. By using our word count benchmark, you can see if your description is too long or too short compared to what other companies in your industry are doing.