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Turing is a popular solution for hiring remotely, if you are thinking about choosing Turing you must check out this Turing vs Remotebase comparison first.

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Turing vs Remotebase

With lots of unique and useful features, you can easily manage your team easily without any problem.

24 Hours3-5 Days1-4 Month
$25Set by engineers themselves$10-40

How Remotebase Works

Tell us your requirements

Fill out the form on our website, telling us about what developer skills you are looking for, how many team members you need, and a few details about your company.

Schedule a Call

Set up a call with us at a suitable time to discuss your needs and the objectives you want to accomplish with your tech team.

Get relevant developers within 24 hours

We will match you with the most relevant developers based on your requirements and assemble your engineering team within 24 hours.

Customers love Remotebase

Our customers range from late seed stage tech companies all the way to tech unicorns. Some of our unicorn clients are Placer.ai, SWVL and Northwestern Mutual.

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Sam Udotong


Remotebase always delivers - whether it is intricate tech work or just skillful client handling. Providing the right person for the right job has truly become their niche and it has been an incredible journey so far!

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Ben Seidl


I have never said this about any of our partners or suppliers before, but Remotebase has fundamentally redefined our companys trajectory. Scaling up our engineering team quickly has enabled us to grow quicker than ever.

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Islam Ismail


Remotebase enabled us to hire us engineers fast than we were able to hire them ourselves. We definitely were not expecting them to provide us with such quality of candidates this quickly.

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Lisa Fernandes


Working with remotebase is like magic. One of the most impressive things about them is how quickly and efficiently it operates.

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Pablo Montaya


Remotebase’s been one of my smartest hiring decisions. It has boosted our business and provided us with a team of dedicated developers who are equally passionate about building our product into the finest one.

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Aditya Mishra


We had to finish a project earlier than expected. I must commend how the Remotebase developer team rose to the occasion and pulled off this feat with dedication and some genius on-ground decision-making.

Our Screening Process


The first test after signing up on our website for any engineer is to take a simple domain test for any tech stack they prefer.


Our automated hiring process ensures minimal bias and external involvement. A recorded HR video interview is part of the screening process.


All our candidate are required to take real-time coding problem solving test which further filters out the top 1% of our talent.


Our round of interviews establishes human connection with the candidates and passes them through to final selection.

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Build your global team of developers in any tech stack!

Remotebase provides engineers, developers, programmers, coders and more in all tech stacks to fit any tech needs you may have.

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Have Any Questions? We Have the Answers

COVID-19 was a potent reminder that the reality of our world can change quickly and that businesses that can adapt rapidly to the new world can win.
As tech recruitment continues to become increasingly distributed, talent clouds can make you agile by finding talent with a broader range of skills and from a far deeper pool.

As such, Remotebase leverages planetary-scale through an intelligent process of sourcing, vetting, matching, managing HR, payroll, and compliance for top talent at all stages - outgrowing a powerful transformation in the tech world.

The talent cloud simplifies the most challenging aspects of scaling a business or growing an enterprise by utilizing an inherently positive hiring and screening process.

There are an incredible number of amazing engineers worldwide.

Your engineering velocity accelerates when you expand your recruiting radius to a global scale, allowing you to hire Silicon Valley caliber engineers at a fraction of the cost.

For engineering leaders, Remotebase, an intelligent talent tracker, has simplified, sped up, and cost-effectively enabled the remote-first paradigm.

From perfect fit for role applicants to a faster time-to-hire, when effectively leveraged, talent clouds such as Remotebase have been delivering a far superior experience than the running industry.

An exclusive talent network has also enabled our clients to cut down costs by 40% more than industry peers.

The future of remote connectivity promises to be liberating and empowering with an exclusive talent network of talent clouds.

And it has struck a chord.

Call us biased, but no matter how you slice it, the advantages of hiring remote engineers will always boil down to fewer headaches, greater flexibility, lower costs, and better results.

The in-house hiring process can be excruciating, and we know it! Trim down those extensive hiring and screening processes to as little as 24 hours with Remotebase.

Our philosophy is based on four essential pillars: empowerment, connectedness, diversity, and talent. And the ultimate outcome is the creation of the best, most diverse global top talent.

From the new normal to a new beginning, remote teams are promising to be as transformative and democratizing for workspace models as cloud computing is for digital innovation in startup growth the world over.

It's a matter of speed in getting talent through the door.

And the snowballing benefits go even further, and remote teams are likely to deliver better performance—the reason why Remotebase’s diverse talent also eliminates any chance of biasness through an automated process.

2022 has been nothing less than a rollercoaster. Inflation, rising interest rates, and geopolitical concerns have hit the tech industry hard.

Through these times of high-ups and high-lows, what anyone wants more than anything is job security.

Remotebase offers developers careers, not gigs. Our developers love us because they want to build a career while being remote.

The flexibility that comes with trust.

We pair our remote engineers with some of the world's most prestigious companies in the Fortune 500 to Silicon Valley startups.

Speed, retention, and cost advantage are the new normal of talent clouds’ vetting process.

But, unlike any other talent cloud, Remotebase’s key to success is the unfettered commitment to the hiring and screening process. Through an extensive, vigorous vetting process consisting of 6 steps of multiple tests and interviews including but not limited to, developers’ technical, communication, and problem-solving skills.

It doesn't stop here – we also have ongoing monitoring processes in place to ensure that the professionals on our platform are meeting the needs of businesses and consistently delivering top-quality work.

To cut it short, we go the extra mile to ensure that the developers on our platform are the best of the best.

With access to on-demand top talent and flexible staffing options, Talent Clouds offer a cost-effective and reliable way to build and manage a distributed team.

At Remotebase, we take pride in being the go-to solution for businesses looking to scale or start from scratch.

In order to make granular matches, Remotebase's matching process leverages signals from our vetting engine and actual on-the-job performance data to gather in-depth information about the job requirements and the developer's tech stacks’ skills.

With remote work becoming more mainstream, time zone overlap is the silver lining that allows companies to hire a workforce from different geographical locations while maintaining seamless communication.

Remotebase is providing businesses the silver lining of time zone overlap and synchronous communication to hiring workforce from different geographical locations while maintaining seamless operations. This elasticity ensures that team members can easily intercommunicate and collaborate during business hours, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Diverse and inclusive global talent at the touch of a button; Remotebase is here to help your team soar to new heights.