The Ultimate Developer Onboarding Checklist for 2023

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What’s In The Guide?

Have you ever wondered why developers switch their jobs despite a great set of salaries and perks?

Because they are not onboarded the right way, that includes considering the Four Cs of onboarding i.e. Compliance, Clarification, Culture, and Connections.

This aims to teach developers the ins and outs of your business's administrative, technical, and social systems to save your business from disasters that occur when companies fail to onboard new developers properly. According to Glassdoor, businesses with an effective onboarding procedure increase new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%.

Something this crucial needs your proper attention, and that’s why we have prepared this guide for you that covers all the steps you need to ensure a smooth onboarding process for developers to preserve their retention and productivity.

What is the developer onboarding process and why is it important?

The developer onboarding process introduces a new developer to a team and helps them get up to speed with the tools, processes, and codebase of the project they will be working on.

Let’s take an example: Imagine moving into a new city without guidance. You don’t know where is the closest grocery store, the fuel station, or even a phone booth. It will take you a while to get accustomed to everything. But what if someone had been guiding you throughout? You would settle in much faster without being lost, right?

Similarly, a developer needs guidance to grow. That’s why a freshly hired developer needs onboarding because a developer’s success is proportional to how well you onboard new developers.

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